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  • How People Use Facebook

    Posted on October 12th, 2007 pachecod No comments

    A company called Compete Inc. just published these very interesting stats about how people use Facebook. Just in case you’ve been living in a cave, Facebook is the semi-private membership-based social network that started on colleges, but is now open to anyone.

    There’s a great graph showing how much of a typical person’s time is spent browsing profiles, “poking”, looking at photos, joining groups, etc.

    Of note, they claim:

    • 14 milion people used Facebook’s third-party applications in August.
    • 16 million people browsed photos in August, with the average person viewing 150 per month.
    • “Poking” was only engaged in by 0.3% of active members (have to say, I’m not surprised as I’ve never understood that feature, and if I have I always apologized before, during and after doing it.)

    I’ve been actively using Facebook for a good year now, and even moreso once they published an API that lets anyone create a social application that works with other Facebook users (Scrabulous addict here if anyone wants to play!)

    A lot has been written about Facebook and I’m not going to add my little voice to the blabbitybla fest about it, but I do have to say that I find it incredible how a service that’s focused on friend-to-friend interactions has turned into such a juggernaut. You can’t do anything on Facebook without some friends who are also users and agree to connect with you. It’s such a delicious irony that Facebook grew so large by limiting adoption. It’s like one of those exclusive clubs that becomes more popular simply because not everyone can get into it.

    It’s also amazing how quickly third-party applications have taken off. It appears that Facebook is not far from most of its traffic coming from features that its users are creating for each other. The user-generated content trend is evolving into one of user-generated experiences.

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